Houssein Samwel Kimaro


ORCID iDhttps://orcid.org/0000-0001-7890-3400

Research title: Parasite-host dynamics along disturbance gradients in the Serengeti ecosystem

Research Summary

Research tittle: Environmental controls on parasite infection dynamics in a multihost community at the wildlife-livestock interface.

Infectious diseases are of great concern for the health sector, wildlife conservation and the global economy. Increasing human population and activities that lead to changes in ecosystems and climate can increase the risks of infectious disease and presents a pressing need to understand host-parasite dynamics in a variety of ecological contexts. To gain insight into host-parasite dynamics, research should prioritise assessment of the diversity and host specificity of different parasites and how environmental factors affect their distribution and interactions across seasons in an ecosystem. My PhD thesis intends to explore: (1) the role of animal movement, particularly wildebeest, in disseminating parasites within the Serengeti ecosystem and its effect on resident host species (2) how different environmental factors as grazing intensity, soil moisture, as well as vegetation shade affect parasite survival and distribution (3) to understand the gastrointestinal parasite species composition and their abundance in selected livestock species. The study aims to benefit biodiversity conservation, livestock keeping, and the health sector through developing understanding of different host-parasite interactions as well as predictions of their impacts in the Serengeti ecosystem and similar ecosystems around the world.




1. Kimaro, H. S., & Treydte, A. C. (2021) Rainfall, fire and large‐mammal‐induced drivers of Vachellia drepanolobium establishment: Implications for woody plant encroachment in Maswa, Tanzania. African Journal of Ecology, 00:1–10.

2. Kimaro, H. S., Asenga, A., Munishi, L., & Treydte, A. (2019). Woody Encroachment Extent and Its Associated Impacts on Plant and Herbivore Species Occurrence in Maswa Game Reserve , Tanzania. Environmental and Natural Resources Research, 9(3), 63–76.

3. Kimaro, H. S and Alex W Kisingo (2017). Influence of public road proximity on ground dwelling insect communities. International Journal of Human Capital in Urban Management, 2 (3): 181-188. DOI: 10.22034/ijhcum.2017.02.03.002

4. Kideghesho, J.R., Kimaro, H.S., Mayengo,G., & Kisingo, A. W (2021) Will Tanzania Wildlife Sector Survive the COVID-19 Pandemic? Tropical Conservation Society



2023-2024; Influence of woody plant encroachment on the prevalence of gastrointestinal parasites in pasture, Rufford Small Grant Foundation - Second booster grant. 

2018-2019; Encroachment Dynamics of Acacia drepalonobium and Acacia seyal in Maswa Game Controlled Area, Rufford Small Grant Foundation - First booster grant. 



1. The 11th TAWIRI scientific conference, 06th - 08th December 2017. Theme: "people, livestock and climate change: challenges for sustainable biodiversity conservation” Arusha, Tanzania.

2. The 12th TAWIRI scientific conference on December 04th -06th Theme: "A sustainable future for Tanzania’s Biodiversity Conservation: The science behind priority strategy and benefits” Arusha, Tanzania.

3. Rufford small grants conference, 19th-21st February 2020. Theme: "Connect for Nature Conservation” Zanzibar, Tanzania

4.British Association of Veterinary Parasitology Annual Conference, 8th -9Th September 2022. Belfast, United Kingdom.

Additional Information


I am funded by the Commonwealth Scholarship Comission (CSC), and have secured additional research fund from Rufford Small Grant foundation. 

Academic history

2021-2025, PhD “Environmental controls on parasite infection dynamics in a multihost community at the wildlife-livestock interface” University of Glasgow.


2017-2020, MSc. Biodiversity Conservation and Ecosystem Management, The Nelson Mandela African institution of Science and Technology (NM-AIST).


2013 – 2016, BSc. Wildlife Management, College of African Wildlife Management, Mweka (CAWM).


2019 to present, Assistant lecturer - Department of Wildlife Management, College of African Wildlife Management, Mweka