Hamid Boudiaf

Email: 2509721B@student.gla.ac.uk

Phone: 07765937228 

Research title: Transmitting and Preserving Kabyle Language and Oral Culture beyond Homeland: An Ethnographic Approach

Research Summary

Thesis Title:Transmission and Preservation of Oral Traditional Kabyle Culture and Language at the Village Level and beyond: An Ethnographic Study

My PhD project falls into the fields of Sociolinguistics and Cultural Anthropology. I am interested in studying the endangerment/ vitality degrees of one of the Amazigh (Berber) language varieties in North Africa. I throw my focus on the Kabyle variety, as a minority, existing in North-East Algeria. In particular, through ethnography, I look at the inter and intra-generational transmission as well as the preservation of the Kabyle linguistic and cultural heritages in homeland; Kabylia, and among the Diaspora in France and the UK, Scotland specifically. 


- Fully funded scolarship by the MESRS 


- Graduate Teaching Assistant in French language