Grace Brown

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Twitter: @gr_cebrown

Research title: To what extent does remunicipalisation contribute to a counter-hegemonic project of the left?

Research Summary

My research explores how social movements constitute and advance campaigns for democratic public ownership at the local level. In this, I am concerned with both the 'what' and the 'how' of social movement organising towards a public alternative. 

Thinking explicitly about the ‘how’ of organising in this way leads to an engagement with praxis, and as such my research is an empirically grounded, critical analysis of the way in which key social movement actors attempt to reclaim infrastructures.

Research interests:

  • Democratic public ownership and economic democracy
  • Environmental and energy justice
  • Participatory democracy and social movement organising
  • Engaged and participatory research methodologies 
  • Queer theory 


Brown, G., Traill, H., Anderson, S., Shaw, D., Cumbers, A. and McMaster, R. (2023) Good Food for All in Glasgow: An interim assessment of the Glasgow City Food Plan. 

Brown, G. (2022) ‘New York’s Fight to Put Renewable Energy in Public Hands’ Tribune Magazine. Available at: 

Arpini E, Stegemann L, Brown G (2021) Countering neoliberalisation by harnessing the local state? The role of social movements in municipalist campaigns. A comparative study of Argentina, Germany and the USA. St Antony’s International Review 16(2): 225–252.

Brown, G., Leibowitz, J. and McInroy, N. (2019). ‘Community Wealth Building for Economic and Environmental Justice.’ Common Wealth. Available at: 


2020 - 2023: European Research Council PhD Scholarship

2021: Young Investigator Training Program - €2,400 

2022: Research Fieldwork Funding - £700 


RGS-IBG 2023
People Power: Movements for Public Ownership and Energy Transition in the US, co-presented with Dr. Franziska Paul 

AAG 2023
Panel paper ‘Messy methodologies for more just futures’

RGS-IGB Postgraduate Forum Mid-Term Conference 2021
Poster Session ‘Remunicipalisation, Neoliberalism and the Construction of Political Alternatives.’

The World Transformed 2020
Building community wealth in Scotland panel, alongside the Leader of North Ayrshire Council and Roz Foyer, the General Secretary of the Scottish Trade Union Council

The Future is Public 2019 

Municipal Socialism in the 21st Century, De Montford University 2018



University of Glasgow
Introduction to Alternative Perspectives in Economics (ECON1011)
Graduate Teaching Assistant 2021/22

University of Edinburgh 
Philosophy of Economics: On Community Wealth Building
Guest lecture, 2021

Politecnico di Milano, Department of Architecture and Urban Studies 
Young Investigator Training Program 
Lunchtime seminar, 2021