Grace Ann Thomas Worm



Research title: Female Fantasy: Tamora Pierce’s Influence on Contemporary Fantasy

Research Summary

I am researching Tamora Pierce's young adult fantasy world of Tortall and how the series set in this fantasy world reflect and challenge contemporary North American political and social ideologies. My thesis covers how Pierce navigates gender, race, environmentalism, and social injustices through her female protagonists. Additionally, I am attempting to draw connections between her work and legacy in creating a "Female Fantasy", or a subset of young adult fantasy with female protagonists that directly or indirectly addresses social inequalities. 





Digital Heroisms 


Secondary English Literature and Rhetoric Teacher:

Dripping Springs High School, Texas:
Co-Grade Junior lead. Lead teacher and creator for: Fantasy and Science Fiction, Modern Literature, and Psychology and Literature.

Unviersity of Texas at Austin:
Senior Instructor for Introduction to Rhetoric and Rhetoric of Race, Gender, and Ethnicity. Maintained the highest rate of college credit acceptance.
Teaching assistant for Introduction to Rhetoric University Course at University of Texas under Dr. Tom Buckley.

Austin High School, Texas: 
Pre-AP English and Inclusion English Teacher