Georgina Gale

Research title: Gothic Realities: the Relationship between Gothic Fiction and Late-Victorian Journalism

Research Summary

My project focuses on how the gothic influenced journalism concerned with violence against women in late-Victorian Britain. Building upon existing studies of the Whitechapel murder reportage of 1888, I examine how specific cases prior to these crimes show earlier influence of the gothic in journalism, and consider how contemporary gothic modes were used by the press both as a means of advocating for social reform and as a tool to de-politicise stories of gender violence and poverty.

My broader research interests include: 

  • Gothic fiction
  • The gothic’s influence in non-fictional literature
  • Victorian journalism
  • Periodical publishing
  • Fantasy horror fiction 
  • Gender and sexuality in the nineteenth-century


External supervisors

Professor Christine Ferguson - University of Stirling


  • RSA-RSTG funding, £146.30 to visit the British Library's 'Barry Ono' collection. 


  • (Upcoming:) RSVP annual conference 'Currents in the Periodical Press', presenting 'Blame him (in)Stead: How British Newspapers Manipulated Australian News to Indict ‘Maiden Tribute’ in a Family Tragedy. July 2023


GTA for English Literature 1A: Poetry & Poetics 

Additional Information



  • Victorian Gothic An open access repository of nineteenth-century gothic texts, author biographies, and an accompanying blog. The aim of this project is to make texts more accessible, and to promote study of the Victorian era and gothic literature. 

Organisational Committees

  • Wicked Readings (co-host). PGR reading group focusing on fantasy horror literature, run by the University of Glasgow's Centre for Fantasy and the Fantastic. For further information, see our Twitter or join the Discord server.