Dianyu Feng

School of Interdisciplinary Studies, University of Glasgow

Crichton University Campus, Maxwell House Building, Dumfries, DG1 4ZH

Email: 2357431f@student.gla.ac.uk


Research title: Risk assessment of floods induced by Hurricane Harvey in Houston - An integrated Bayesian Network modelling approach

Research Summary

Thesis title

Risk assessment of floods induced by Hurricane Harvey in Houston


My research focuses on the risk assessment for urban flooding. Flood induced by Hurricane Harvey in Houston is selected as the case study. The objectives of the research are to improve risk assessment methodologies, understand the main impacts of floods in Houston and capture the vulnerabilities of Houston. In order to achieve the research objectives, an innovative methodology will be used in this study, which is a combination of Bayesian Networks modelling approach and indicator-based method. As one of the most promising technologies in artificial intelligence, Bayesian Networks approach will eventually dynamize the indicator-based method and overcome some limitations of traditional risk assessment approach. The research results will provide decision-makers with important tools and information.


I am currently supported by the China Scholarship Council (PhD project) and University of Glasgow College of Social Sciences.

Additional Information

I joined the School of Interdisciplinary Studies as PGR in Environmental Sustainability in October 2019. Before joining the University of Glasgow for my PhD study, I have completed my Master’s Degree in Environmental Management from Nankai University, in China 2019.