Aravind Bhaskar Chidambaram



Research title: Unlocking the Synergies of Sustainability Integration: A Study of Reputational and Stakeholder Dynamics in Business Strategy

Research Summary

Current Research

Chidambaram's research interests are centred around the integration of sustainability within organisational strategies. His doctoral study focuses on unravelling the synergies of sustainability integration, particularly emphasising on stakeholder dynamics and examining their influential role in shaping business strategies.

Chidambaram's research is underscored by a keen focus on the international dimension, extending beyond local boundaries to address the complexities and challenges of implementing sustainable practices within the global business landscape.

Research Cluster

International Business and Enterprise (IBE)


Adam Smith Business School (ASBS) PhD Scholarship (2023)

Additional Information

Chidambaram is a dedicated scholar with a profound passion for advancing sustainable business practices. His academic journey has been marked by a pursuit of knowledge at the University of Glasgow, where he is currently engaged in doctoral research (PhD). Chidambaram's studies focus on the intricate dynamics of integrating sustainability into organisational strategies, with a keen emphasis on stakeholder engagement and their consequential impact on shaping robust business strategies. With a solid academic foundation in Business Management and Organisational Behaviour, honed during his tenure (MSc) at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), Chidambaram approaches his research with a comprehensive understanding of the complexities within organisations.

In his capacity as a Teaching Assistant, Chidambaram played an active role in advancing workplace equality, diversity, and inclusion (DEI) within modules centred on organisational behaviour. This hands-on experience equipped him with invaluable insights into the multifaceted dimensions of DEI in professional environments, significantly deepening his grasp of organisational dynamics. Beyond academia, his professional experiences in the consumer and consulting businesses have fortified his grasp of organisational dynamics and have equipped him with a practical understanding of operational effectiveness in real-world business environments.