Alessandro Proserpio

a [dot] proserpio [dot] 1 [at]

Room 214 - Level 2, Mathematics & Statistics Building, 132 University Place, Glasgow, G12 8TA


Research title: Schottky Groups and the construction of higher genus Frobenius manifolds

Research Summary

I am broadly interested in the theory of Dubrovin-Frobenius manifolds and its relation with integrable systems, as well as the various differential and algebraic geometric structures that have stemmed from it.

More specifically, I have been focusing on the intertwining of the Dubrovin-Frobenius manifold structures on orbit spaces of (extensions of) reflection groups and on Hurwitz spaces (a.k.a. B-C mirror symmetry for DF-manifolds), and how that is connected to symmetries of the underlying WDVV equations.