Aishat Mary Osagie


Research title: Strategies for reformulation of baked good for improved nutritional status

Research Summary

My research focuses on strategies to improve baked products in the UK. The continued impact of energy-dense diets and the obesogenic environment on health has called for innovation in the food sector. It is my aim to sustainably integrate micronutrients into the diet through reformulation technique. I am currently exploring consumer knowledge, understanding and awareness of food reformulation and willingness to try reformulated baked products. Included in my research goal is to review the impact of reformulated baked products (including fibre enrichment, manipulation of fatty acid/sugar content, integration of ingredients improving nutritional profile, salt reduction) on cardiometabolic markers (anthropometric measures, blood lipid/glucose/insulin, glycated haemoglobin, HOMA and quicki).

Current Research

  • Diet Reformulation
  • Strategies for reformulation of baked goods for improved nutritional status.

Research Group

My research lab is situated at the college of Medical, Veterinary and Life Sciences.


Osagie et al., 2021, Effects of Moringa oleifera leaf powder on some chemical, phytochemical and antioxidant properties of bread: Potential control for NCDs.


External supervisors

Professor Emilie Combet

Dr Ada Garcia


Nutrition Society Irish Conference 2021- Oral presentation

Title: The Role of Enriched Bread/Baked Products on Micronutrient Intake and Cardiometabolic Health in Adults 

Nutrition Futures 2021 - Online participant


  • Carbohydrate Metabolism
  • General Biochemistry