Ahmed Nur Muse

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Research title: Social Determinants of Health: Understanding Factors Affecting Access to Maternal and Child Healthcare Services by Nomads in Somaliland

Research Summary

This doctoral study investigates the traditional practices of maternal health among pastoral nomads in Somaliland, focusing on the plurality of existing approaches. Rather than solely emphasising biomedical systems, this study strives to advocate for the diversity of traditional healing practices passed down through generations and used to treat maternal health issues. The study aims to utilise a mixed-methods approach, combining ethnography with phenomenology to study the lived experience of pregnant women and mothers with children under five years in the Togdheer Region in Somaliland. The research is focused on this region because of its prevalence of pastoral nomadic lifestyle and culture, making it a suitable location to investigate the research question


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College of Social Science Scholarship


Co-Founded & former Dean of the first School of Social Work at the University of Hargeiasa, Somaliland.