* Shivani

Email.    : s.shivani.1@research.gla.ac.uk

Address :  Room 219- Lilybank Gardens,

                Sir Alwyn William Building - School of Computing Science,

                The University of Glasgow.

                Postcode: G12 8QN

ORCID iDhttps://orcid.org/https://orcid.org/0000-0002-4011-4032

Research title: GDPR Privacy Compliance verification in Software Systems

Research Summary

Data Transparency is one of the major challenges that arose during SARS-CoV-2. UK charity, the Health Foundation called in for strong public interest in clarity and openness of decision-making for around the COVID-19 contact tracing app hence demanding greater transparency of one’s sensitive information being handled. It is undoubtedly positive that data custodians, controllers and health care organisations are carefully considering how to be transparent about data use, and to make this meaningful, not tokenistic, hence fostering a trustworthy system. Legal policies present around the world involves concepts that endorse 

The research-in-progress aims at developing a privacy-preserving transparent framework for the healthcare system using requirement engineering and semantic web modelling techniques.


Graduate Teaching Assistant:

Tutor, Lab Assistant, Marking Assistant**

Courses :

Level 1: SCQF Level 7

  • COMPSCI1001: CS1P Introductory Programming.
  • COMPSCI1017: 1PX - Further Programming
  • COMPSCI1018: 1S Systems

Level 2: SCQF Level 8

  • COMPSCI2001: Java Programming 2
  • COMPSCI2008: Object-Oriented Software Engineering 2
  • COMPSCI2024: Networks and Operating Systems Essentials 2

Level 3: SCQF Level 9

  • COMPSCI3005: Software Engineering M3

Level 4: SCQF Level 10

  • COMPSCI4062: Cyber Security Fundamentals(H) (Marking Assistant)
  • COMPSCI4084: Programming and Systems Development(H)

Level 5: SCQF Level 11

  • COMPSCI5002: Advanced Programming
  • COMPSCI5012: Internet Technology 
  • COMPSCI5074: MSc IT+ Team Project(M) - Marking Assistant**
  • COMPSCI5096: Text as Data - An Introduction to Document Analytics


*SCQF- Scottish Credit and Qualification Framework

**Senate Approved Marker for the School of Computing Science at the University of Glasgow.

Additional Information

Memberships :

UK PhD Cyber Security Online Network.

Glasgow Women in Computing Science group. (GWiCS)



Graduate School Student Liaison Committee. (2019-2020)

SoCS Safety Committee. (2019-2020)


Office Roles:

GUSRC Ph.D. SoCS Student Representative. (2019-2020)