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Research title: GDPR Privacy Compliance verification in Software Systems

Research Summary

Privacy concerns in healthcare is a complex and value-laden concept that requires great attention. Amid the most significant health crisis, COVID-19 pandemic, patients privacy concern has been on the rise and are significantly worried about their sensitive, personally identifiable information. Critics have expressed concern about a lack of transparency, particularly around data processing activities. There has been a situation where the list of COVID-19 positive patients information was circulated across social media platforms and put up on the government website. Violation of patients' privacy and will have far-reaching consequences that go beyond the pandemic.

Transparency is a feature highly desirable in healthcare systems to protect patients right to data protection. However, beyond the demands of the legal policies and framework, discussions persist about the benefits of having transparency implemented in systems. Making the flow of information transparent implies that undesirable behaviour and harmful actions are discouraged or prevented. It enables individuals to exercise their right to informational self-determination over their sphere. This control enabled through transparency is also what makes transparency a fundamental privacy principle.

The research aims on developing a privacy-preserving transparent framework for the healthcare system with core focus on building transparency satisfice value and a maturity model that would help enhance the level of transparency from their current identified state. 



Graduate Teaching Assistant:

Tutor, Lab Assistant, Marking Assistant**

Courses :

Level 1: SCQF Level 7

  • COMPSCI1001: CS1P Introductory Programming.
  • COMPSCI1017: 1PX - Further Programming
  • COMPSCI1018: 1S Systems

Level 2: SCQF Level 8

  • COMPSCI2001: Java Programming 2
  • COMPSCI2008: Object-Oriented Software Engineering 2
  • COMPSCI2024: Networks and Operating Systems Essentials 2

Level 3: SCQF Level 9

  • COMPSCI3005: Software Engineering M3

Level 4: SCQF Level 10

  • COMPSCI4062: Cyber Security Fundamentals(H) (Marking Assistant)
  • COMPSCI4084: Programming and Systems Development(H)

Level 5: SCQF Level 11

  • COMPSCI5002: Advanced Programming
  • COMPSCI5012: Internet Technology 
  • COMPSCI5074: MSc IT+ Team Project(M) - Marking Assistant**
  • COMPSCI5096: Text as Data - An Introduction to Document Analytics


*SCQF- Scottish Credit and Qualification Framework

**Senate Approved Marker for the School of Computing Science at the University of Glasgow.

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UK PhD Cyber Security Online Network.

Glasgow Women in Computing Science group. (GWiCS)



Graduate School Student Liaison Committee. (2019-2020)

SoCS Safety Committee. (2019-2020)


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GUSRC Ph.D. SoCS Student Representative. (2019-2020)