Scotland’s Young Academy welcomes new members

Published: 23 November 2020

The RSE Young Academy of Scotland (YAS) has announced the appointment of 51 new members including eight from the University of Glasgow.

The RSE Young Academy of Scotland (YAS) has announced the appointment of 51 new members including eight from the University of Glasgow.

The group, comprising 28 women and 23 men, represent some of the nation’s leading researchers, teachers, entrepreneurs, civil servants, and third sector workers.

They will join YAS’s existing members in realising its mission ‘to achieve transformative societal change through citizenship, innovation, collaboration, evidence, and leadership’.

Among the new members are seven individuals who have been appointed through YAS’s At-Risk Academic/Refugee (ARAR) membership initiative. This initiative encourages outstanding members of the refugee and displaced migrant communities to apply to YAS and provides them with support with their applications. In joining YAS, ARAR members regain some of the social and professional capital they lost during their displacement, and YAS benefits from ARAR members’ talents, experience, and unique perspectives.

Unique among the growing number of national young academies worldwide, YAS encourages membership applications from individuals in all sectors of society.

The new cohort also includes a diverse group of academics with specialisms ranging from international law to geochemistry and climate change. In addition to academic achievements, the selection committee placed significant emphasis on public outreach and interdisciplinary collaboration.

 The eight University of Glasgow new members are:

Professor Anton Muscatelli, Principal and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Glasgow, said: “I am delighted to see colleagues from across all four of the University’s colleges named among the new intake of RSE Young Academy of Scotland members. 

"On behalf of the whole University I offer our warmest congratulations and wish each of them continued success as YAS members.”

Alice König, Co-Chair of YAS said: "YAS is thrilled to be welcoming such an outstanding group of new members, whose diverse talents and experiences will bring so much to our work.

"We have a busy year ahead, addressing our five Grand Challenges, and we are hugely excited about the ideas and expertise which this new cohort will contribute as we come together to help build a future for Scotland that is healthier, smarter, more equal, enterprising, sustainable and international."

Professor Dame Anne Glover, President of the RSE said "It is wonderful to see these accomplished young leaders join the Young Academy of Scotland.

"I am particularly delighted that YAS is continuing in its commitment to bring at-risk academic and refugee professionals into its membership.

"In bringing such diverse and talented young leaders together, YAS unlocks great potential to produce creative, fresh solutions to some of the most pressing issues facing Scotland today."

About the Young Academy of Scotland

The Young Academy of Scotland brings together entrepreneurs, academics, business leaders, teachers, and other professionals to work collaboratively for the benefit of society.

Its mission is to help Scotland’s people and policymakers build a future that is equal, enterprising, sustainable, healthier, smarter, and international.

By sharing its knowledge and practical expertise, YAS investigate pressing social issues, inform public debate, amplify marginalised voices, and drive transformational change. We do this through a wide range of interdisciplinary projects, led by our members.

The Young Academy of Scotland was established by the Royal Society of Edinburgh in 2011 to provide a platform for innovative young professionals from all areas of academia, business, third sector organisations and public life, to work together to address the most challenging issues facing society in Scotland and beyond.

First published: 23 November 2020