University of Glasgow to Host Major International Human Rights Conference

Published: 14 June 2012

More than 130 people from around 25 countries are to gather at the University of Glasgow for a major two-day conference on human rights.

The event, which is being hosted by the Glasgow Human Rights Network (GHRN) is entitled ‘Protecting Human Rights: The Duties and Responsibilities of States and Non-State Actors’ and takes place at the university on 18 and 19 June 2012. Sponsored by the American Political Science Association Human Rights Section, the International Political Science Association Human Rights Research Committee, and the International Studies Association Human Rights Section, there will be more than 60 presentations that will address such topics as:

• What is the nature of human rights responsibilities?

• Have these responsibilities translated into appropriate action?

• How do we define such appropriate action, and who holds these responsibilities?

• How does the international community address conflicting responsibilities?

• What types of human rights responsibilities do non-state actors have?

• What is the relationship between rights, duties and responsibilities?

• Dealing with past wrongs and failed responsibilities

The presentations will touch on issues as diverse as protecting people from genocide and other mass atrocities, the human rights responsibilities of multinational corporations, human rights and the environment, and transitional justice.

Dr Kurt Mills, Senior Lecturer in International Human Rights at the University of Glasgow and Convenor of the Glasgow Human Rights Network said, “This conference draws together an exciting array of academics and practitioners to discuss key issues facing the world. Over the course of two days the participants will shed light on what individuals, governments, civil society, and corporations can and should do to address pressing human rights issues such as genocide, environmental degradation, poverty, torture and child labour. These are important ongoing dilemmas that require urgent solutions. Hopefully the participants will contribute to our understanding of our responsibilities and possible solutions.”

Plenary speakers include:


•              Prof Henry Shue, Professor of Politics and International Relations, Oxford University

•              Prof Edward Luck, Special Adviser to the UN Secretary-General on the Responsibility to Protect

•              Geoffrey Loane, International Committee of the Red Cross

•              Shabnum Mustapha, Amnesty International

•              Rosette Muzigo-Morrison, International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda

•              Manal Tibe, Director, Egyptian Centre for Housing Rights

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Editorial Notes

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First published: 14 June 2012

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