University Statement

Published: 26 January 2007

A statement giving the Univeristy of Glasgow's position on the future of their involvement with the Crichton Campus in Dumfries.

The University of Glasgow has put a lot into Crichton, in terms of resources, good people and management effort.

But it has always been seen as something additional to the University's core business in Glasgow.

That is why extra funding was sought from the Funding Council from the outset. However, the SFC gave us only 88 additional places earmarked for Crichton ヨ that is equivalent to an intake of 22 students per year, well below a viable level.

The University expected additional places to be funded as numbers built up. We have maintained continued pressure on the Funding Council, and in response to that were asked to make the case that we submitted last year. Against this background, it is hard to understand the argument that we actually receive sufficient resources to fund the cost of Crichton.

We are quite prepared to maintain what we provide at Crichton now, but only if it is funded at a level that enables it to break even.

First published: 26 January 2007

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