Disability Equality Scheme launched

Published: 30 January 2007

The University marked the launch of its new Disability Equality Scheme with an event on Wednesday 24 January

A welcome crowd packed out the Atrium of the Wolfson Medical School Building on Wednesday 24 January, to mark the launch of the University's Disability Equality Scheme, and Action Plan.

Our Disability Champion, Jan Hulme, welcomed a wide range of staff, students and external guests who turned up on a cold midweek evening to demonstrate their interest and commitment to the equality agenda that the University is setting.

The Principal outlined our progress so far in producing our new Scheme, but did not avoid the continuing challenges that we still face in tackling inequality:
' Key to our ability to do this, will be our willingness to embrace openness, to listen and to learn. Easy to say - not always easy to adhere to particularly when the messages you hear may make for uncomfortable listening. ' How we plan to tackle these continuing challenges is detailed in perhaps the most important part of the work, the Action Plan, which will unfold over the next three years.

The voices of our own students and staff added to that challenge in a frank documentary film, produced by the award-winning Media Unit, who are one of the three units within the Learning and Teaching Centre. You can watch this 15 minute film at:Disability Matters

Our speaker for the evening, Olivia Giles, was perhaps the most challenging of all. Olivia, a lawyer and a graduate of this University, campaigns for Meningitis Awareness, and inspired everyone present to 'be all you can be, despite the hand that's been dealt to you.' Her rousing message was welcomed with enthusiastic applause.

For a copy of the Scheme, and the Action Plan, or for any further information, please contact the Student Disability Service on 0141 330 5497.

Media Relations Office (media@gla.ac.uk)

First published: 30 January 2007

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