Why an eminent scientist is washing his dirty lab coats in public

Why an eminent scientist is washing his dirty lab coats in public

Issued: Thu, 03 Nov 2005 00:00:00 GMT

Prof Carl Djerassi, best known for the first synthesis of the female oral contraceptive, the Pill, will be at the University of Glasgow on Thursday 10th November. You are invited to attend the event in Gilmorehill G12 theatre at 7:30pm, where Prof Djerassi will give a short talk.

As well as his achievements in the scientific field, Prof Djerassi is an accomplished playwright. His talk is titled 'From the Pill to the Theatre', and will explain why a chemistry professor - after decades in the laboratory - would decide to wash dirty lab coats in public, and do it on the stage.

Following his talk there will be a production of Oxygen, a play by Carl Djerassi and Roald Hoffmann, performed by University of Glasgow students. Oxygen focuses on the drama and contention of science that is often hidden behind academic doors. By skilfully jumping between the 1770s and the present, Oxygen grapples with the ideas of priority and discovery through an attempt to reveal the individual who first discovered oxygen and thus launched the Chemical Revolution.

The audience will be invited to ask Prof Djerassi questions following the performance

The production, funded by the Scottish Executive and the Royal Society for Chemistry, and the talk by Carl Djerassi, will coincide with the Royal Society of Chemistry's National Chemistry Week.

Kate Richardson (K.richardson@admin.gla.ac.uk)

If you would like to attend the speech by Carl Djerassi or the performance of Oxygen, or would like more information on the event, please contact the University Press Office on 0141 330 3535 or email pressoffice@gla.ac.uk.

Oxygen will be performed at the G12 theatre on 10th ? 12th November. Members of the public can purchase tickets from the Gilmorehill Box Office, open from Monday to Friday 10am-3pm or 10am-8pm on performance dates. Tickets can also be booked by phoning 0141 330 5522 or emailing boxoffice@gilmorehillg12.co.uk