Alloa Ale: How a small town helped establish a worldwide reputation for Scottish beer

Brewing and Scotland have long been a winning combination. While many of us may enjoy the fruits of this industry, how much do you really know about the heritage behind your pint? On Friday 18 November the Scottish Brewing Archive invites you to its annual Open Day at the University of Glasgow Archive Services between 4.00pm-6.00pm, where you can find out how a Clackmannanshire town helped establish the worldwide reputation of Scotland's Beer.

Focussing on "The Breweries that Built Alloa", there will be a talk by Susan Mills, Museum and Heritage Officer at Clackmannanshire Council, and an exhibition of archives and artefacts from the Archive, including material relating to the famous brewing names of George Younger & Sons Ltd, Maclay & Co, Archibald Arrol & Sons Ltd and James Calder & Co. A behind-the-scenes tour of the Archive and refreshments will also be available.

This year's open day is the 11th such event held by the Scottish Brewing Archive. It is hoped that more people than ever will attend and discover the rich history of the Scottish Brewing Industry and the wide variety of material held at the Archive. The event is part of the national Archive Awareness Campaign which aims to unlock the potential of archives for new and experienced users.

Susannah Waters, Scottish Brewing Archives said: "New users are always welcome to come and visit the Scottish Brewing Archive. The Archive Awareness campaign and our annual Open Days provide a great opportunity for anyone who is curious about archives to come and find out for themselves what sort of material is available and how they can go about using it."

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First published: 10 November 2005