University Principal digs in for a good cause

Published: 25 November 2003

Sir Muir Russell to plant a tree as part of National Tree Week

Sir Muir Russell, Principal at the University of Glasgow, will plant a tree on Thursday 27 November as the University takes part in the 30th anniversary of Plant a Tree, as part of National Tree Week. University academic staff, members of the University's Biodiversity Group, Amenities Group and "Dirty Weekenders", a student environmental volunteers group, will join Sir Muir in supporting this important national environmental initiative.

"The objectives of National Tree Week are important to the University community. It encourages staff and students seriously to consider issues such as the environment and conservation. I am very glad to be able to support this key initiative," explains Sir Muir.

National Tree Week runs between 27 November and 7 December 2003. National Tree Planting Year 1973 (with its slogan of "Plant a Tree in '73") led to the founding of the Tree Council to bring together organisations working for trees. It ran the first National Tree Week in 1975. Now up to a million trees are planted each year as a result of this winter festival.

Great strides have been made during the last 30 years in planting and caring for trees. Yet Britain is still one of the least-wooded countries in Europe and the work is as urgent as ever. Dutch Elm Disease has killed over 25 million trees and storms have blown down over 19 million more. Today trees are under threat from development and new diseases.

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For information on National Tree Week please see: Tree Council Website.

Press are welcome to photograph Sir Muir while he plants the tree at the University?s wildlife gardens, behind Lilybank House, on Thursday 27 November at 10.30am. To attend, please contact the University Press Office on 0131 330-8593.

First published: 25 November 2003