Our Story and Strategy


The UofG Life App is a digital product developed through a partnership between University of Glasgow Information Services and the World Changing Glasgow Transformation programme, driven by an ambition expressed in the UofG Smart Campus strategy to provide helpful, mobile, real-time support for our students. 

The App team was brought together in July 2020 and delivered the first iteration of the UofG Life app by the start of the Autumn semester. By working closely with our students, we have continued to iterate the app, in terms of its features, functionality and style.   

We have recently delivered our UofG Life App Strategy, which provides structure to our work and ensures that we are building a modern, sustainable product.  



Early in 2021 we collaborated with stakeholders to determine a strong strategic direction for the app. As a team, we focused on understanding the possibilities of this key channel and our priorities in terms of providing a positive UofG student experience.  

The UofG strategy is built on an ambitious vision and mission, and five core digital ‘product goals’ that shape our decision making and focuses our resources.  


For more information on the UofG App Strategy, contact us by email.