Our Team

Our UofG Life App team is a multidisciplinary team which was brought together to provide a broad set of skills to support this modern digital product.  

Team structure and working practices

It was important to us when we set up the UofG Life App team, that we were aligned with the latest approaches and standards in app development.  

We work as part of a multi-disciplinary Agile team. This means that we are a group of people with multiple skillsets that collaborate continuously to iteratively develop our app and ourselves! 

We employ Agile practices, including daily stand-ups, working in short sprints, continuously releasing and testing software to make sure our product is the best it can be. Find out more about Agile in the Modern Ways of Working website. 

Our approach to development is based on best practice models of User Research, Digital Delivery and Service Design. 

Our team capabilities

Building sustainable, modern digital products and services takes a real mixture of skills. Our aim is to ensure we have the following capabilities in the team, and that we share our experience as much as we can to develop truly ‘t-shaped people’. 

In particular, our teams’ skills include: 

  • Software development 
  • Testing 
  • Research 
  • Design 
  • Analytics 
  • Comms and marketing 
  • Agile project management