Implementation and monitoring

This guidance will not work unless we pay careful attention to implementation and monitoring. Implementing the guidance will be the responsibility of the Sustainability Working Group.

To support implementation:

  • Monitoring will take place at School/Institute/Service level. To allow this the Procurement Unit, together with sustainability staff, will provide data on carbon emissions from business travel twice a year (once in each semester) to each School, Institute and Service. So that equality impact can be considered, feedback will include carbon emissions for travel by type of travel, gender and grade of staff. We will not be able to monitor travel paid for by other organisations – staff are asked to consider using the guidance in making decisions in these cases.
  • Each School, Institute and Service is asked to implement sustainable travel practices from January 2021. They may consider:
    • A working group to include members of staff at every level of seniority to support the relevant Sustainability Champion
    • A plan for sustained communications
    • Noting and evaluating every action to offer learning about successful initiatives to other Schools, Institutes and Service

School/Institutes will be asked to report bi-annually to their College Management Group/Professional Services Group and the Sustainability Working Group will report progress bi-annually to SMG.