Sustainability Governance

The University of Glasgow has developed a Sustainability Strategy and Action Plan (both are available below) that was approved by University Court in Summer 2016. The University is striving to adopt a whole-of-insitution approach to sustainability management. 

Progress in this area is overseen by a sustainability working group, which has the following remit:

  • to oversee the implementation of the University's Sustainability Strategy and Action Plan
  • to raise awareness of and engagement with the Strategy and Action Plan across the University community
  • to make recommendations about future amendments or revisions to the Strategy and Action Plan
  • to enhance the University's reputation and profile as an insitution that is committed to the sustainability agenda
  • to provide reports periodically to SMG and to Court via the Estates Committee.

And the following membership:

  • two co-chairs, one of whom is the Chief Operating Officer
  • College Sustainability Champions
  • University Services Sustainability Champion
  • two representatives of the SRC
  • one senior officer from Estates & Commerical Services
  • Head of Procurement

Also in attendance:

  • Sustainable Environment Officer 
  • Communications and Public Affairs Officer (as required)