Executive summary

The University of Glasgow recognises that the world is facing a climate emergency; urgent action is needed. Glasgow Green represents the University’s response to that emergency. It commits us to a very significant plan of action to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030, with interim targets over the next decade.

Alongside that, we want to make a measurable difference by raising public understanding of climate change and the challenges it represents for humanity. We will start by engaging the energies of our staff and students – many of whom are already willing us to go further and faster in addressing this agenda.

We aim to be a beacon of good practice, drawing on:

  • the expertise of our academics
  • the enthusiasm of our staff and students
  • and a willingness to put sustainability at the top of our agenda

Glasgow takes pride in being a world-class, world-changing University – a community of students and staff which, through education, research and knowledge transfer, makes a meaningful positive impact on our global society. We know that there is a carbon cost implication in our aspirations to be a world-changing University. However, we cannot achieve our goals at the expense of the environment; combatting climate emergency must be an integral part of our work at every level.

This strategy is about much more than shrinking our carbon footprint; it will affect every aspect of the University over the next decade and will have implications that will be felt well beyond our campuses. We seek the support of all members of the community in addressing the climate emergency and making the University of Glasgow a leader in this field.