Reflecting on COP26

This November world-leaders and policy makers were in Glasgow to engage in some of the most vital climate talks of our time. Rachel Sandison, Vice-Principal, External Relations and Chair of the University's COP26 Working Group, and Professr Jaime Toney, Director of the Centre for Sustainable Solutions, share some reflections on a historic fortnight.

Rachel Sandison

"Earlier this month the eyes of the world were on Glasgow. Policy makers, local government, industry, NGOs activists & over 190 world leaders gathered to tackle climate change and accelerate the race to net zero.

"COP26 has felt vital, and both the city and the University played key roles in connecting people, sharing ideas and galvanising our communities in addressing one of the most pressing issues we face today."

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Professor Jaime Toney

"COP26 proved to be a rollercoaster of slow approaches, fast descents and many feelings both highs and lows.

"As a climate scientist I made a point of attending and participating in a wide range of events, not just the science, and the complexity and emotions tied up in the issues surrounding climate change reinforced the sense of urgency with which we need to act. 

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First published: 2 December 2021

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