UofG Careers & EmployAbility


If you have a hidden disability, the new UofG Career's disability partner EmployAbility can speak to employers on your behalf so that interviewers do not hold behaviours against you which are linked to your condition. 

The award-winning disability rights and advocacy organisation, EmployAbility  are focused on next generation inclusive thinking and empowering students and graduates with a range of disabilities and health conditions to get the graduate jobs they deserve.

Through EmployAbility, you can obtain information about your rights, and access free and individualised advice and support with your applications, interviews and adjustments for recruitment. The EmployAbility team can also advocate for you with employers to ensure you obtain any adjustments you require

Register now with EmployAbility, to access free support and advice. 

Speak to the UofG Careers or contact info@employ-ability.org.uk directly.

First published: 20 May 2021

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