Merve's Study With Me Videos Goes Viral

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UofG student Merve's videos of studying at home and in the Library have gone viral. Her videos have been viewed more than 1.5m times by people in 167 countries She talks here about helping fellow students across the globe. 

Merve Loves Glasgow

Although I have been living in Glasgow for years now, I am not originally from here.

But this has never stopped me loving Glasgow as my hometown and studying at the University of Glasgow was in my dreams for a long time.

I have recently graduated from the MRes programme. As a master student, I knew that I would not always be able to study at this magnificent university, so, I wanted to save some memories for later.

Capturing UofG

Opening a YouTube channel and putting up my videos of studying at the Library or walking around the fabulous campus was initially for myself. First, I wanted to use the huge storage capacity of YouTube as a cloud service.

But with the pandemic and lockdown, I thought that my study videos might be of help to many people, especially to students. To be honest, I study hard. I have always been a hardworking student and working with me generally created good results for my classmates. So, I started sharing my study sessions with the public on YouTube and the feedback I receive has been amazing so far.

A Global Success

Study with Me videos have been around for some time. There are many successful accounts from different parts of the world. So, there is nothing new about what I do. 

My channel has been discovered and loved by a large number of people , which is really nice. I have especially been surprised by being seen by people from 167 different countries.

This is awesomely surprising and pleasing at the same time. I believe the beauty of the University main building's view from the library and the simple aesthetic of West End scenery has played an important role in this.

Getting Motivated

There are many students struggling to find the motivation to study alone in lockdown and they want a company to study, to keep them motivated during these unending pandemic days.

With the majority of the courses online, and most people studying or working from home, alone we are all longing for the good old days, when we could attend physical classrooms, learn together, study together, laugh and worry together.

I think people who are watching my videos filling this gap by virtually meeting with fellow students from all around the world. They come together in a specific time slot to study together or they open a pre-recorded video to increase their motivation and concentration. Moreover, many of them encourage each other to study harder, not to lose motivation even though they have not and, most probably, will never be met in real life. 

A Perfect Satisfaction

Since I have opened this channel, I have been receiving only good wishes, thanks, and appreciations of the viewers.

Many of them express in comments or in private messages that my videos have helped them study better and increased their motivation.

Knowing that I can help people in changing their study habits, stop procrastinating and being more productive is a perfect satisfaction for me. 


First published: 14 January 2021

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