Get ‘appy! New Features Now Live on UofG Life App.

University marque with the words 'UofG Life' on it, on a blue background


Whether you’re a new student or an established member of #TeamUofG, the UofG Life app is a must-have for everyone to navigate University life. ​

Need somewhere quiet to study? 

There are 59 study spaces across the University that are now available for students to book via the app.   

Keeping you in connected to UofG Life

Catch up with the latest news - the app now lets you view the top three stories from the student newsletter to ensure that you're in the know with what’s going on!


Thanks to everyone who completed our recent survey. One lucky person was chosen at random and an Amazon voucher is on its way to you! ​

Your feedback and thoughts on what new features you'd like to see have been amazing and will help us continue to enhance the overall experience of UofG Life. ​


First published: 19 November 2020

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