Update on New Covid-19 Protection Measures

You will be aware that from today, Monday 2 November, all parts of Scotland have been assigned a Covid-19 protection level, or Tier, under the latest Scottish Government measures.

Under this Tier system, our Gilmorehill campus (Glasgow City) and Garscube campus (East Dunbartonshire) fall under Tier Three restrictions, with Dumfries campus (Dumfries and Galloway) in Tier Two

These changes will not significantly alter the day-to-day running of the University; we are still able to deliver teaching and research activities, and you will still have access to key buildings. However, it is worth highlighting some changes to travel restrictions; non-essential travel into or out of Tier Three areas is prohibited, with some exceptions including for work, education, exercise and visiting extended households. If you have in-person classes, you will still be permitted to travel to attend these.

If the numbers of positive cases continue to rise, there is the possibility that the Scottish Government will introduce stricter measures, but we will keep you updated. We are in regular contact with the Scottish Government, and will continue to be guided by the latest public health and travel advice. 

So far, we have not yet seen any incidences of transmission on our campuses, outwith student residences. Thank you to those who have followed health and safety advice - your efforts are helping to keep our community safe.

The situation in residences also continues to improve, with three current positive cases, and 37 students isolating. More widely, we are aware of 21 positive cases across our student body.

Detailed discussions with Scottish Government about the Christmas and New Year break are continuing and, although no decisions have been made yet, we hope to be able to update you soon. In the meantime, we would remind all students and members of staff to observe University health and safety advice.

All students who will be staying in our residences over the festive period will be well supported by colleagues and the wider University community.

Whatever the next steps may be, all of us in Team UofG will continue to work together, and we will keep you updated and supported in the coming weeks.

We know this will be a tough time for everyone, so please take extra care of yourself and those around you. If you require support or advice, particularly around mental health and wellbeing matters, please visit our webpages as a first port of call where you will find links to a range of resources, including Togetherall which offers professional and confidential advice.

Thank you again for your ongoing support in keeping the community safe - and for the contributions you have made in recent months. We know this hasn’t been easy, but your efforts are hugely appreciated.


With best wishes, 


David Duncan

Chief Operating Officer and University Secretary


First published: 2 November 2020

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