Erasmus Student Network UofG

Discovering the world is easier than you think with the Erasmus Student Network (ESN) at the University of Glasgow!

We are dedicated to making sure you love your time at the University of Glasgow, whether you're on exchange, returning from an exchange or studying here full time.

Run by a committee of Undergraduate, Postgraduate and International / Domestic students from a wide range of degree disciplines, ESN UofG facilitates cultural exchange and aims at enriching society through international students.

Be part of something bigger with ESN UofG! #MobilityIsALifestyle"

What is ESN?

ESN is the biggest student organization in Europe, with sections in 37 countries led by boards at the local, national and international level.

ESN UofG launched in January 2016, and our calendar is full of events such as visits to Glasgow tourist attractions, socials and collaboration with other Glasgow sections.

ESN UofG Committee 

President Chris Panetsoudis
Vice-President Nikki Odenhoven
Treasurer Alasdair Bennett
Secretary Katarina Simkova
Projects Coordinators Ross Mowbray / Alicia Edgar
Events Manager Kacper Prech
Events Team Jude McKechnie / Catriona Mather
 Buddy System Coordinator Rosanne de Jong
 Communications Manager  Louise Goode
 Graphics Manager  Natasha Robinson
 Web Projects Administrator  Ivelina Doynova
 Photographer / GBM  David Miller