Assessment details for your specific courses

Each Course at the University carries a specific number of credits.

  • For example, full-time undergraduate degrees usually carry a tariff of 120 credits per year, and full-time postgraduate Masters degrees usually carry a tarriff of 180 credits.

Within every Course, each assessment also carries a weighting.

  • For example, you may have a final exam worth 50%, a coursework essay worth 30%, and a group presentation worth 20%.

These weightings are used in combination with credit tarriffs to calculate your overall grade at the end of each academic year. You can read about how we calculations we use in Chapter 2 of the Guide to the Code of Assessment.

Understanding how your grades are calculated may help you decide how to appropriately balance your efforts in revision and preparation for assessment. 

Information about assessment weighting for your specific course will usually be provided to you in the form of course handbooks, induction information, and/or Moodle pages provided by your School(s).

If you have any questions about these, you should contact the staff on your specific Course.

The Course Catalogue

You can also find information on credits and assessment weighting by downloading the Course Specification Document for your Course. These documents are available for every Course offered by the University.

You can either browse the catalogue by subject, or search by course title / course number:

Course catalogue