Job Shadowing Scheme Pilot

Published: 20 January 2023

A job shadowing scheme pilot is to be introduced for technical staff in February 2023.

The aim of this initiative is to ‘Buddy up’ colleagues to share skills and knowledge across the institution. A senior technician will be paired with a junior technician. The senior colleague will provide other technical colleagues with an insight into their day-to-day activities and knowledge required to undertake their role. This will provide other colleagues with a taster of the job activities and requirements and where appropriate guide future developmental opportunities that will allow colleagues to be equipped to take up their desired role in the future.  It is expected that over a period of 3 months, the junior technician will shadow a more senior technician for 1 day a month. All technical staff grades 6 and above will be considered as senior technicians and are able to put themselves forward as the technical host for this initiative. Technical staff grade 5 and below who would like to shadow a more senior technical colleague can put themselves forward as a participant for this scheme.

For participants, this would be an opportunity to learn new skills and techniques or to consolidate and expand their existing skillset. This programme will improve confidence and widen networks within the university. Similarly, for those who are hosting the activity, this would be an opportunity to build self confidence in training other staff members and share skills and technical knowledge.

It is anticipated that this will lead to enhanced job satisfaction for helping to develop senior technicians of the future.


February 2023: Applications open for both host and participant places and will remain live for 3 weeks.

March 2023: A panel will match the skills and needs of individuals and will produce a draft list of pairs. The panel may wish to clarify its understanding with identified pairs via further discussion in order to ensure the optimal match.

March-April 2023: The panel will produce a final list of pairs and will arrange their first meeting.

April 2023: Job Shadowing starts for 1 day a month for the next 3 months.


As this is a pilot programme, places will be limited. If you wish to participate in this programme, please seek approval from your line manager prior to submitting your application. The identified pairs will need to agree on learning outcomes, carry out risk assessments (and COSHH where appropriate) and seek area H&S supervisor’s approval before commencing job shadowing.


The Technician Commitment Steering Group will carry out an evaluation of this pilot scheme once it has concluded to establish if/how it will be taken forward in the future years.

First published: 20 January 2023

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