Workshops for researchers and technicians about restarting experimental work

Published: 29 September 2020

University's Research and Innovation Services) has organised some workshops for researchers and technicians to discuss challenges faced in restarting lab work and for us to share ideas for improvements.

Restarting experimental work – ensuring that you get the best from the time available (Robin Henderson)

As restrictions ease but things remain uncertain or disrupted, it is likely that you will have been able to get back to doing some experimental work. However, restrictions might mean this needs to be planned and structured in very different ways to what you are used to. These two workshops will be co-designed with participants using a pre-workshop survey, to look at how you can make the best of challenging circumstances. We will create an environment where you can:

  • discuss tools, technology and methods to enable planning and juggling of activities over the next few months
  • have an opportunity to discuss the specific challenges that you face in undertaking your research work
  • be able to learn what is working for other researchers and share ideas for supporting your return to experimental work.


Part one: 28th October (1400 – 1600) and Part two: 1st Dec (0930 – 1100)         Or         Part one: 5th November(1000 – 1200) and Part two: 8th Dec (1400 – 1530).

SIGN UP HERE 28 Oct/1 Dec  Or SIGN UP HERE 5 Nov/8 Dec  (zoom links will be circulated closer to the time)

First published: 29 September 2020

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