Published: 5 May 2020

Information for the upcoming Award nomination for OUTSTANDING TECHNICIAN OF THE YEAR 2020

THE Awards 2020

This award will be given to an individual whose exceptional practical skills, commitment and vision have enabled the highest quality teaching, research or knowledge transfer. It is open to technicians working in any discipline in UK universities and research institutes. Entries will be accepted from institutions, technicians themselves, their colleagues or students, but in all cases testimonies must form part of the supporting documentation.

Submissions may address some or all of the following:

  • A technician's essential contribution to a project or ongoing piece of work. How was their impact evaluated?
  • How the nominee works with academics, students and others to build a strong working environment in which all parties thrive.
  • If innovations or efficiencies have been delivered, tell us how this has been done?
  • Beyond the day-to-day role, has the nominee been involved in building a strong community of technicians within an institution, or undertaken other activities in line with the aims of the Technician Commitment?
  • Does the nominee represent technical staff on institutional committees or boards? If so, explain how they have successfully brought the technician's voice to its decision-making.


The deadline for nominations is Wednesday 10 June 2020.

First published: 5 May 2020

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