Technician Celebratory Event

Published: 26 September 2023

Winners of the James Watt Technician Prize 2023 were announced and Paul Paterson’s contributions to the Technician Commitment were celebrated.

On Monday, September 25th, 2023, a Technician Celebratory Event took place in Studio 2 of the Advanced Research Centre (ARC). This exclusive gathering brought together Technician Champions, technical managers, representatives from the Technician Commitment Steering Group, and the nominees of the 2023 James Watt Technician Prize, along with those who nominated them.

Mr. David Tedman, the University's Technician Commitment Institutional Lead, extended a warm welcome to all in attendance. The event featured presentations by technical managers Cyril Pacot (CoSE) and Christine Carr (MVLS), as well as the Technician Commitment Coordinator, Ali Salik. They highlighted the significant accomplishments and initiatives undertaken during Stage-2 of the Technician Commitment and outlined the key actions proposed for Stage-3, scheduled to commence in January 2024.

During the proceedings, Mr. David Tedman unveiled the nominees for this year's James Watt Technician Prize, a prestigious recognition. The deserving nominees included William Allan (CoSE), Marie Bowers (MVLS), Dawn Dunbar (MVLS), Ross Dymock (CoSE), Sam Holt (MVLS), Andrew Hood (CoSE), Alysha Hunter (CoSE), Daniel Mair (MVLS), John Nelson (CoSE), Calum Scott (Arts), and Andrew Stevenson (MVLS).

Professor Frank Coton, the University's Senior Vice Principal, commended all the nominees and praised the reviewing panel for their high regard for the quality of the nominations. Professor Coton then announced the two winners of the James Watt Technician Prize 2023:

  1. William Allan (CoSE) - Recognized for his innovative and creative approach to enhancing IT support through the implementation of an alert system with a user-friendly interface. This system can be accessed conveniently from various locations within the School of Engineering.
  2. Calum Scott (Arts) - Acknowledged for his outstanding contributions in upgrading infrastructure and equipment, as well as his active involvement in community engagement. Calum single-handedly manages the complex spaces and equipment used by students in the Music subject area.

Both winners received certificates bearing the University Principal's signature and will receive a cash prizes as a token of appreciation.

Professor Coton also took a moment to express gratitude to the members of the Central Scotland Technical Conference 2023's working group, which included Ali Salik, Cyril Pacot, Claire Wilson, and Nicola Britton.

In conclusion, Professor Coton delivered a heartfelt farewell address to Paul Paterson, who is retiring from the University after nearly 45 years of dedicated service. Paul, the Chief Technician in Molecular Biosciences, has been an integral part of the Technician Commitment from its inception. His significant contributions have played a pivotal role in advancing the Technician Commitment both within the University and beyond. Paul's unparalleled passion, determination, and eagerness to assist others will be deeply missed in his retirement. Professor Coton expressed his gratitude to Paul for his outstanding service and presented him with a well-deserved award.

First published: 26 September 2023

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