Colleague Engagement Survey - Summer 2023

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Within this infographic we show some high-level results from our Colleague Engagement Extended Pulse Survey – Autumn 2023. 

Response rate

5189 colleagues responded to the survey giving a 64% completion rate.  Response rates by job family were 74% from the MPA job family; 61% R&T; 60% Tech; 58% Ops; 46% Clinical. Response rates by area were 71% from University Services; 66% from the College of Arts & Humanities, 65% from the College of Social Sciences, 59% from the College of Science & Engineering; and 61% from the College of Medical, Veterinary and Life Sciences.

Top responses

Where percentages indicate the "Strongly agree" and "Agree" responses, 87% of respondents said “I feel trusted to do my job”; 82% of respondents said “I am clear about what I'm expcted to achieve in my role" and also 80% of respondents said “I have had a constructive conversation about my development with my line manager in the last 12 months”. 79% of respondents said "Individual differences (e.g. cultures, backgrounds, ideas) are respected at the University; and 79% said "I am proud to work for the University".


Each of the 27 survey questions are categorised within nine themes giving us an indicator of how we are doing in each area.  Our top themes were Dignity & Diversity with 76% positive response; My Role & Development with 75% positive response; and Engagement with 70% positive response.

Themes for attention are Culture & Values with 39% positive response; Leadership & Strategy with 49% positive response and Line Management with 54% positive response.

Compared to 2022

Many questions in this survey were also asked in the autumn 2022 survey, so we can see how responses have changed in that time. These are the greatest differences for colleagues repsonding either "Strongly agree" or "Agree" to a question from 2022 to 2023: 

+11 points "The University supports my health and wellbeing at work"

+6 points "If asked I would recommend the University to friends and family as a good place to work"

+6 points "Working here makes me want to do the best work I can"

+6 points "I believe I have the opportunity for personal development and growth at the University"

+6 points "I would still like to be working at the University in two years' time"

-8 points "I feel I am kept well informed about matters relating to my area within the University"

-6 points "I understand how my work contributes to the success of the University strategy"

-6 points "I feel I am kept well informed about the University as a whole"

-6 points "Managers/Leaders here act as good role models"

-5 points "Colleagues truly live the University Values"

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