Our marque (logo) in digital communications

The full colour version of the marque (logo) in the University Blue box should be used on all digital marketing communications, including web banners, enewsletters and Powerpoints. The space in the blue box around the top, bottom, left and right of the marque (logo) is the size of one U, from the ‘U’ in the word ‘University’ in the marque (logo).

graphic showing the clearance space on the digital version of the University marque

Where possible it should be positioned top left, a small distance from the top and bleeding off the left hand side. The marque (logo) should not be reproduced less than 35px.

Example of the digital version of the Marque on a Powerpoint slide


University website

On the University’s website the full colour marque (logo) in a banner of the University Blue is always used. The banner appears at the top of each web page and stretches the full width of the page. The marque (logo) is placed top left. Other than navigational aids, no other text is permitted to appear in the banner. Approved sub-site headings must always appear below the banner.

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University videos

Every video should end with the animated version of the University marque.  It animates the components of the crest and logotype with the words ‘University of Glasgow’.  This animated version must always stand alone, with no additional elements.  It’s the way we sign off our communication in video and bring the content to a close.

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