Our Resources & Publications

Our team have developed a wide range of resources, which are available to all students and staff at the university, whilst also contributing to the the scholarship of teaching and learning in their respective areas.

For your students

Our resources are freely available for anyone who wishes to use them. Simply direct your students to any of these, or contact the relevant member of staff about integrating them more deeply into your coursework, e.g. through a session led / co-led by our staff and scheduled into your students' regular timetable.



Combining our expertise in academic development and our disciplinary research backgrounds, we produce textbooks for students encapsulating our advice, as well as research publications that help to lead the field of academic development across the sector.

Textbooks - available via UofG Library electronically for free

Writing for Science Students 

Jennifer Boyle & Scott Ramsay, 1st ed 2017; 2nd ed 2023

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Awarded Book of the Year 2018 by the Academic Booksellers' Assocation

The Students' Guide to Dissertations and Research Projects

Jessica Bownes, 2023

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Textbooks - available in print via UofG Library

Writing for Science Students

Jennifer Boyle & Scott Ramsay, 2017

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Awarded Book of the Year 2018 by the Academic Booksellers' Assocation

Writing a Science PhD

Jennifer Boyle & Scott Ramsay, 2019

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Presenting Scientific Data in R

Rosalind Humphreys, 2022

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Academic Literature

Our team are active in the scholarship of teaching and learning in their respective areas.

Book Chapters

Hannaford, E., O’Brien, M.Struan, A. and Taylor, S. (2023). ‘Collaboration Across the Disciplines: Teaching Assistants and Interdisciplinary Teaching’. In: Abegglen, A. Sinfield, S., and Burns, T. (eds.), It’s A Collaborative Affair: Fifty Case Studies of Innovative Practice in and Across Higher Education (Bloomsbury).

Elliot, D.L., Swingler, M., Gardani, M., Pacheco, E.-M. and Boyle, J. (2023). 'Let’s talk about well-being!: Fostering interdependence in doctoral communities.' In: Cahusac de Caux, B., Pretorius, L. and Macaulay, L. (eds.), Research and Teaching in a Pandemic World: The Challenges of Establishing Academic Identities During Times of Crisis. Springer, pp. 481-496.

Struan, A. (2021). ‘Active Blended Learning at Scale: University-wide Writing Programmes.’ In: Rodriguez, B. C. P. and Armellini, A. (eds.), Cases on Active Blended Learning in Higher Education (IGI Global). 

Bownes, J., Ramsay, S. and Struan, A. (2020). ‘Let's Talk About [X]: a reflection on a model for engaging undergraduate students in research communication’. In: Mawani, S. and Mukadam, A. (eds), Student Empowerment in Higher Education: Reflecting on Teaching Practice and Learner Engagement (Logos Verlag Berlin, v. II), pp. 351-365.

Journal Articles and Conference Papers

Struan, A. and Diver C. (forthcoming, 2024). 'Digital Assessment for All: Teaching Digital and Academic Literacies', Digital Assessment in Higher Education: Navigating and Researching Challenges and Opportunities (Springer).

Purcell, S. and Koristashevskaya, E. (forthcoming, 2024). ‘Pivoting PGT Dissertation Provision for Online Learning: Response, Reflections, and Recommendations’, Compendium of Transformative Practice in Teaching and Learning: Opportunities in New Pedagogies: Journal of Learning Development in Higher Education.

Alexander, M., Broad, J., Hutcheson, J. and Struan, A. (2023). 'A Conductive Alloy: A Whole Institution Approach to Student (Mis)Conduct', Education and New Developments

Struan, A., Boyle, J., and Ramsay, S. (2023). ‘Skills, Attributes, Literacies and Capabilities: Developing our Students at Every Level’, Journal of University Teaching and Learning Practice.

Boyle, J., Royle, J., and Struan, A. (2022). ‘Transitioning into New Stages of Learning: Developing Competences and Identities for Success’, EAPRIL.

Struan, A. (2021). ‘A History of Argument: Teaching Students Critical Analysis’, History Journal Online.

Struan, A. (2021). ‘Developing Academic Writing Skills to Boost Student Confidence and Resilience’, Times Higher Education.

Boyle, J., Ramsay, S. and Struan, A. (2019). ‘The Academic Writing Skills Programme: A Model for Technology-Enhanced, Blended Delivery of an Academic Writing Programme’, Journal of University Teaching and Learning Practice.