The University strives to embed a culture of research integrity in both its staff and students, and is committed to supporting a research environment that is underpinned by a culture of integrity and based on good governance, best practice and support for the development of researchers.

The University’s policy and procedures for investigating allegations of misconduct in research complies with the principles outlined by the UK Research Integrity Office.

The policy sets out a process to enable all allegations to be investigated thoroughly, fairly and expeditiously and with care and sensitivity.

How to report misconduct

To find out what constitutes 'misconduct in research', please refer to Section 2 in the above policy documentations. Any member of the University who believes that an act of research misconduct has occurred or is occurring should initially report this to their School/Institute integrity advisor or the College integrity champion. 

It is important to recognise that genuine errors do occur and can, in general, be managed effectively at source. Each College has nominated senior academic colleagues who have a role in promoting good research practice and may investigate repeated errors or mistakes to determine what remedial action is required.

Find details of your School or Research Institute Research Integrity Champions and Advisers.

Suspected research misconduct can also be reported directly to research-integrity@glasgow.ac.uk

Staff and students will receive training and mentoring as required should this be deemed necessary.