Who to contact in the IP & Commercialisation team

Research & Innovation Services offices are located at 11 The Square.

We can be contacted via Teams or email to arrange a meeting or to give advice.



All Colleges

Melville Anderson, Head of IP & Commercialisation

Email: Melville.Anderson@glasgow.ac.uk

Telephone0141 330 4266

College of Arts

Morven Fraser-Walther, IP & Innovation Manager

Email: Morven.Fraser-Walther@glasgow.ac.uk

Sheena MacCormick, IP & innovation Manager

Email: Sheena.MacCormick@glasgow.ac.uk 

College of Medical, Veterinary & Life Sciences

Rachel Colman, IP & Innovation Manager

Email: Rachel.Colman@glasgow.ac.uk

College of Science & Engineering

Darian Brookes, IP & Innovation Manager

Email: Darian.Brookes@glasgow.ac.uk

Vytautas Zickus, IP & Innovation Officer

Email: vytautas.zickus@glasgow.ac.uk

College of Social Sciences

Morven Fraser-Walther, IP & Innovation Manager

Email: Morven.Fraser-Walther@glasgow.ac.uk

Lauren Watson, IP & Innovation Officer

Email: lauren.watson@glasgow.ac.uk

Sheena MacCormick, IP & innovation Manager

Email: Sheena.MacCormick@glasgow.ac.uk 

Entrepreneurial Campus

Katja Muecklisch

Email: Katja.Thuemmler@glasgow.ac.uk 

General Enquiries

Colette Milton

Email: innovation@glasgow.ac.uk

Meet the IP & Commercialisation team

The IP & Commercialisation team is a division of the Innovation, Enterprise & Economic Development group in the University’s Research & Innovation Services Directorate. This team are responsible for working with researchers to identify, evaluate, protect and transfer  innovation outside the University to generate economic impact.

We are a group of experienced professionals tasked to work with researchers from all disciplines across the four Colleges to do the following:

  1. Identify and Evaluate innovation opportunities that have the potential to create economic impact
  2. Advise and Support staff to determine impact pathways for their research via innovation & enterprise
  3. Protect innovations by designing and implementing strategies to protect intellectual property
  4. Opportunity De-risking by evaluating an innovation opportunity’s potential for licensing, spin-out, or a social enterprise and ensuring the criteria needed for these routes are met
  5. Secure De-risking Grants by supporting the process of translating a research output into an innovation opportunity for licensing, spin-out, or social enterprise
  6. Market Opportunities to third parties (licensees, investors and funders) and broker meetings
  7. Negotiate terms of agreements for innovation & enterprise, including licences, investment, co-development contracts 

It is never too early to approach the IP & Commercialisation team to discuss your innovation to impact journey. You could be at the research grant application stage where you are seeking funding to develop promising ideas, or you could have demonstrated your innovation's market potential and need to protect it prior to publication. We are here to help and advise whatever stage you are at.

College Innovation Teams

The IP & Commercialisation team works in collaboration with College Innovation teams. Contact details for Innovation teams at each of the University’s colleges can be found below.

College of Arts

Morven Fraser Walther, IP & Innovation Manager

Email: Morven.Fraser-Walther@glasgow.ac.uk 

Telephone: 0141 330 6323

Sheena MacCormick, IP & Innovation Manager

Email: Sheena.MacCormick@glasgow.ac.uk

College of Medical, Veterinary & Life Sciences

Dr Ruth McLaughlin, Head of Innovation, Engagement & Enterprise Services

Email: Ruth.McLaughlin@glasgow.ac.uk

Telephone: 0141 354 9451

College of Science & Engineering

Keith Dingwall, EPSRC IAA Manager

Email: Keith.Dingwall@glasgow.ac.uk

Telephone: 0141 330 4752

College of Social Sciences

Paige McCaleb, Aspect Programme Coordinator

Email: Paige.Mccaleb@glasgow.ac.uk