Managing your ORCID ID

Managing your ORCID ID

Using an ORCID (Open Researcher and Contributor ID) identifier allows you to be uniquely identified and connected with your research activities. Your ORCID will follow you throughout your career and can be linked to your outputs, research funding and other research-related activities.

ORCIDs can also work with other identifiers such as ResearcherID and Scopus ID.

ORCIDs are extremely useful: when properly managed your ORCID provides a single reference point for your research portfolio. This will save you time when e.g. applying for grants, reporting to funders, and showcasing your track record.

Researchers at the University of Glasgow are strongly recommended to register for an ORCID. It is also increasingly required by funders and publishers. It is likely that having an ORCID will be required for future REF exercises.

Create or Connect your ORCID ID with Enlighten

You can create an ORCID if you don't already have one, or connect your existing ORCID to Enlighten in My Publications > Connect to ORCID [or Manage ORCID Permissions].

When you connect your ORCID to Enlighten, an ORCID badge is displayed next to your name in publications and you can import and export publications from Enlighten to ORCID from Manage Deposits in Enlighten.

For Research and Teaching staff your ORCID will also be displayed on your University staff profile page.

Help and Support

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