Preparation of exam question papers

Preparation of exam question papers

Exam question papers are prepared by Schools. Please ensure that all question papers are prepared according to the Preparation of Degree and Diploma Exam Question Papers

The final papers for each exam diet should be submitted to the Print Unit by the published deadlines

Upload exam question papers

Schools should upload final exam question papers and any supporting documents, e.g. data sheets or case studies, as pdf files using the Exam Papers system which allows question papers to be sent securely to the University Print Unit.

Schools should ensure that question papers and supporting documents are thoroughly checked before they are uploaded.

Find out more information on the Exam Papers system, including how to obtain access (or to remove the access of a member of staff who no longer requires it).

Once access is granted the application will appear as “Exam Papers” in the Business Systems menu in MyGlasgow. The application contains a user guide and FAQ section.

Question papers for all exams should be uploaded even if the School intends to print the paper themselves. This ensures that Registry can access the paper if necessary and that a copy can be included in the on-line library of past question papers that is available to students (unless the School elects to opt out of this service).

Distribution of exam papers

When the Print Unit has printed examination question papers they are securely stored by Registry who arrange for them to be distributed to all the relevant examination venues during the examination diet.

Schools who decide to print their own exam question papers instead of sending them to the Print Unit are responsible for ensuring that they are delivered to all relevant examination venues.

If you have any queries or questions about the Exam Papers system, or if you wish to report a problem, please submit an Ivanti request.