Exam Disability Support


Disability Service decides at a meeting, with the student, the exam provisions required.  These provisions are recorded in the student's MyCampus record under 'exam provision'.

The Exams Team uses this information to put exam arrangements in place.  Exam arrangements are then circulated to Schools by the Exams Team, prior to each exam diet.

Due to the large scale complexity of these arrangements, the deadlines set for students and schools must be met in order for us to be able to put exam arrangements in place.  Please note that - 

  • If students miss the deadline to meet with Disabilty Service then we will be unable to put in place any exam arrangements for the forthcoming diet.  Students will be informed by the Disability Service at the time of their appointment that they have missed the deadline and that their requirements may not be met for the forthcoming diet.
  • If Schools miss the deadline for returning room details to us then we will be unable to arrange invigilation.

Please note the following deadlines for session 2021/22, for students to meet with Disability Service and for Schools to respond to exam arrangements, including room bookings.

Exam Diet Deadline for Students to Meet with DS Deadline for Schools to Respond to Exam Arrangements
December  Friday 5 November 2021 Tuesday 23 November 2021
February/March Friday 14 January 2022 Tuesday 25 January 2022
April/May  Friday 11 March 2022 Wednesday 6 April 2022
August  Friday 24 June 2022 Friday 8 July 2022

Exams Team are responsible for the following arrangements:

  • To book rooms for students requiring a separate room on their own for exams.  We use a pool of rooms block booked by CTT.  Please note that any changes to rooms booked will only be possible under exceptional circumstances and it may then be necessary to involve Schools in the organisation of invigilation and delivery of exam materials.
  • To book rooms for students requiring a separate room not on their own for exams (these students can share a room with up to 15-20 other students).  These students will be placed in the one, shared room, wherever possible.
  • To book rooms for students requiring a separate room, not on own, and the use of a computer.  These students will be booked into one of the Computer Clusters in the Library.  
  • To arrange invigilation for all of these room bookings, as well as any room bookings that the School has to make (within our deadlines).
  • To arrange for the delivery of exam materials to all of the separate rooms booked (within our deadlines).  If a student requires a large font exam paper then we can only arrange delivery to exam venues if these papers are delivered to Exams Team, Fraser Building at least 4 days before the exam date.  After that, the school would have to deliver on the day of the exam to the exam venue(s).
  • To provide invigilators with details of students' exam requirements in all exam venues, including early starts.
  • To take delivery of exam scripts for all separate rooms and store them securely until the School collect them from the Fraser Building.

Schools are responsible for the following arrangements:

  • To book rooms for students requiring a separate room on their own, with computer.  The school should inform us of room details by the deadline set, so that we can arrange invigilation and delivery of exam materials.
  • To inform students of all exam arrangements put in place for them, including room bookings and early starts.  Extra time should always be taken at the beginning of the exam, with the exception of:

- LANGCTR exams in main halls.  Due to the audio component extra time will be added to the end of the exam.

- 30 mins per hour extra or 100% extra time.  In these instances extra time will be allocated on an individual basis and may be split between the beginning and end of the exam time.  Exams Team will inform schools of these arrangements.

For students that are entitled to 15 mins per hour extra, exam start times are as follows:

Official Exam Start TimeExam DurationEarly Start Time
09:30 60 mins 09:15
09:30 90 mins 09:07
09:30 120 mins 09:00
09:30 150 mins 08:52
09:30 180 mins 08:45
13:00 60 mins 12:45
13:00 90 mins 12:37
13:00 120 mins 12:30
13:00 150 mins 12:22
13:00 180 mins 12:15
14:00 60 mins 13:45
14:00 90 mins 13:37
14:00 120 mins 13:30
14:00 150 mins 13:22
14:00 180 mins 13:15
16:30 60 mins 16:15
16:30 90 mins 16:07
  • To organise scribes and readers.
  • To advise students with additional support requirements to signal their presence to an invigilator when they enter the exam room, particularly if they are sitting in a main exam venue.
  • To arrange for the collection of exam scripts from exam venues.  For exams that have taken place in a 'main hall' exam venue, scripts should be collected from the venue at the end of the exam.  For exams that have taken place in a separate room (including cluster rooms), scripts will be returned to the Exams Team by invigilators and schools should collect them from the Fraser Building once advised that they are available for collection.
  • To deliver any other/additional exam materials to the exam venues.  If students are allowed to bring additional materials to the exam room, a member of staff from the School must attend at the beginning of the exam to check the material.
  • To organise the production of large print exam papers and/or on coloured paper (for individual students only).  These can be delivered to the Exams Team for delivery to the exam venues, but should be brought to us at least 4 days before the exam is due to take place.
  • To liaise with the Library (Eddie Fisher IT Specialist x2926) if particular fonts (for example in language exams) are required.  Please do this well in advance of the exam date.
  • To make arrangements for students with a temporary disability e.g. broken arm.  All arrangements must be approved by the Clerk of Senate.

Students are responsible for the following arrangements:

  • To provide coloured acetate/overlay, if required.

Further information:

Visit the Disability Service website for more information about support for students with disabilities.