Hepatitis B Vaccinations

Please be advised that as at 1 August 2017 there is a national shortage of Hep B vaccines.  We are therefore currently unable to make any appointments for anyone requiring this vaccine.  

Hepatitis B Vaccinations

Staff or Postgraduate students who require Hepatitis B vaccinations can contact us to arrange to have this done.  Before we can book your first appointment, we require you to email a risk assessment detailing the requirement for the Hepatitis B vaccinations (if you require assistance completing your risk assessment please contact the University’s Safety and Environmental Protection Services).  We also require an email sent directly from the budget holder providing details of the budget code to charge.

The cost of a full course of Hep B vaccinations is £125.00 (including bloods)

The cost for an individual Hep B vaccine is £25.00.

Until we receive both the fully completed risk assessment and an email directly from the budget holder we cannot arrange an appointment for you.