New online data protection and information security training now available

Issued: Tue, 19 Jun 2018 17:39:00 BST

Over the last 12 months a variety of training and awareness training opportunities have been provided as part of the University’s GDPR preparedness project. Over a thirteen hundred members of staff have attended face to face EOD organised training, bespoke training in their Service/School, Q&A sessions with staff from the Data Protection & Freedom of Information Office and IT Services and “pop-up” sessions around campus.

To further extend our training coverage, an online training module has been developed with an associated exam and this is now available. The module will become mandatory, and it is strongly advised that staff undertake the module now to ensure that they are fully aware of the implications that the new data protection legislation may have on how we all manage personal data.

Take the Introduction to the General Data Protection Regulation course (online 1-1.5 hours) 

The University has also developed an information security course which will help you keep your data safe and avoid the various "cyber" threats we all now face. 

This will be mandatory and, as with the data protection training, it's highly recommended that staff take the information security module now to ensure familiarisation with the University’s policies and guidance in this area.

Take the Information Security Awareness course (online 1-1.5 hours)