Launch of dedicated governance site

Published: 6 September 2021

Update on a comprehensive review of corporate governance and decision-making framework

Governance is an integral part of the University and we have recently undertaken a comprehensive review of the corporate governance and decision-making framework.

Over the last 9 months, we have started to streamline the way we make informed decisions at every level of the organisation from Court through Committees, SMG, Colleges and University Services and staff.  

Our goal is to:

  • improve efficiency and effectiveness of decision making 
  • empower staff to take responsibility within a clear, comprehensive framework
  • improve the University’s ability to evaluate and make investment decisions
  • reduce bureaucracy by clarifying the role and purpose of committees and groups
  • enhance our capacity to realise maximum benefit from specific investments and decisions

The first phase is now complete, and we have:

  • consolidated and simplified the corporate governance structure
  • launched a new dedicated site with easy access to the role and membership of committees and boards
  • launched a calendar that details when each committee and board meet (due to fully populated by the end of September)
  • launched a new Investment Committee to ensure alignment of our investments with our strategic goals
  • You can find out more by accessing the new dedicated governance site

In the next phase of this work, we will look to add academic governance structures to the new site and work to systematically strengthen the ways we consider risks, business cases and benefits in our decision-making processes.

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First published: 6 September 2021