Proposals sought for Software Team Projects

Published: 26 July 2021

Computing Science seek project proposals for Software Team Projects course

Computing Science are seeking project proposals for our Software Team Projects course the 2021-22 academic year.

Each year the School of Computing Science runs a Software Team Projects course that introduces students to the challenges of working in teams on software projects for real world customers. The course gives students the opportunity to engage in projects that have real world impact and work with customers with a range of expertise and experiences.

Students take on the responsibility for negotiating with customers, agreeing and prioritising requirements, and managing project timelines and deliverables. They are also required to continually demonstrate their progress to their customers, gather feedback and adjust to new priorities and demands. Customers benefit from having students work on turning their ideas into reality: a significant proportion of previous projects are actively being developed or deployed to real users.

The deadline for submissions is 30 August 2021 AOE.

First published: 26 July 2021