Update on face coverings policy

Published: 26 August 2021

An update on health and safety measures on-campus, including our policy on face coverings

The University has been working closely with the Scottish Government on preparations for the new semester, to ensure colleagues and students can return to campus in a safe and secure way.

This will update you on the University’ policy on wearing of face coverings on our campuses.

There is more information available on:

Face coverings

In line with Scottish Government guidance, non-exempt individuals must wear face coverings while on campus:

  • when moving around in buildings
  • outside, in congested areas
  • in libraries and study spaces at all times
  • in classrooms (including teaching labs)
  • in offices and other workplace settings, where one metre distancing is not possible

Face coverings are not required: 

  • when eating or drinking
  • when exercising
  • when seated in offices and other workplace settings, where one metre distancing is possible

Individuals may, at their own discretion, remove face coverings temporarily while teaching or presenting, provided they are distanced from others.

Specialist research settings are subject to bespoke risk assessments; local rules should be followed in these areas.

Please note that there is more information now available on the return to campus on the HR Coronavirus Information for Staff webpages, including newly updated guidance, FAQs and support resources.

Thank you for taking the time to read these updates, and for helping us ensure a positive return to campus experience for everyone.

First published: 26 August 2021