ResearchFish annual reporting: action required!

Published: 15 September 2016

Research staff and students who have had an award in recent years from certain UK funders must submit a return via ResearchFish by 16th March 2017.

As part of annual outcome reporting, research staff and students who have had an award in recent years from certain UK funders must submit a return via a system called ResearchFish. The deadline for returns is 16th March 2017. The University Library can help you submit a return, as long as your Enlighten records are up to date.

What is the ResearchFish process?

research journals 450Each year, those with past or present awards from Research Councils UK, Cancer Research UK and several other UK funders are asked to report research outputs e.g. publications, engagement activities, collaborations, intellectual property, clinical trials and artistic and creative products. If you are required to report, you will be sent an email from ResearchFish before the March 2017 deadline asking you to register and ensure that the outputs they list for you are correct.

How can the Library help?

The University of Glasgow is one of only six UK research organisations that will be allowed to do a bulk upload of publications from our own system, Enlighten, to ResearchFish. The bulk upload is planned for November 2016, ahead of the March reporting deadline. If your publications are on Enlighten and are associated with an award, they should automatically be added to ResearchFish, without any additional work by you.

The Library will also upload, on your behalf, any items (i.e. those that are not publications) associated with one of the awards you require to report as long as the item exists in Enlighten and is associated with the award. The Library will advertise further details of this service to award holders nearer the deadline.

What do I need to do now?

As soon as publications are accepted, inform Ensure that your publications include funder names and award numbers. The Library will then add details of the publications and funders to Enlighten and include them in the bulk upload to ResearchFish where appropriate.

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First published: 15 September 2016