Researchers: bring postdocs to work with you

Published: 29 April 2016

From anywhere in the world, funded by the EU, through the MSCA Individual Fellowships (IF)The 2016 call is now open with a deadline 14 September 2016

The 2016 call to apply for MSCA Individual Fellowships (IF) is now open. 

The IFs present you with an opportunity to:

  • Exploit/create synergies with your existing grants, by designing a complementary IF project;
  • Use an IF application as a first step in formalising informal collaborations;
  • Enter into new collaborations with groups/teams/labs at other institutions;
  • Strengthen your existing collaborations;
  • Initiate new activity, by finding researchers to work with you on a particular IF project;
  • Develop or strengthen a particular area of work through a fellow who adds something to your group/team/lab – this two-way flow of benefits is crucial to a successful IF proposal;
  • Boost your profile by supervising postdocs very likely to become leaders in their fields

Individual Fellowships in brief

Individual Fellowships allow individual researchers at postdoctoral level and beyond to work on a project of their own design, in any field of research, which advances their careers. 

The researcher works on the proposal in close collaboration with a supervisor at their chosen host institution.  IFs are also for researchers without a doctorate but who have at least four years of full-time research experience.

The researcher must move to the UK for the project or have recently arrived in the UK before the deadline. 

The 2016 call for proposals for Individual Fellowships opened recently and closes at 4pm UK time on 14 September.

The success rate (2015) for proposals with UK host institutions is approaching 19%!

Use your networks to identify researchers who may be interested in coming to work with you here

  • Approach key collaborators for potential fellows;
  • Promote the idea of undertaking a fellowship at Glasgow during conferences;
  • Review postdocs currently working with you – eligible if resident in the UK less than 12 months at deadline, 14/09/2016, so recent appointees may be eligible

The grant provides good financial support (figures areapproximate and depend on exchange rates)

  • Researcher gross salary of approximately £52,000;
  • Research, training and networking costs of approximately £7,500 per year;
  • Management and overheads of approximately £6,000 per year

As the supervisor for an IF you would

  • Provide hands-on support in application development, linking the project to Glasgow as host;

And, if the proposal is successful

  • Integrate the researcher into the team/group/lab and facilitate networking;
  • Help develop and then supervise the researcher's training and plans for career development

Interested in this opportunity or simply want more information? 

Please contact the EU Team at or speak to your usual contact within the team.

First published: 29 April 2016

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