Big Response to Staff Survey

Published: 10 May 2016

Hundreds of UofG members of staff have already completed their questionnaire. Please take part and make your opinion count. VIDEO

Hundreds of UofG members of staff have already responded to the 2016 Staff Survey and completed their questionnaires - either online or using the paper version that is also available. Staff members who wish to do so can also take the survey over the 'phone, talking in confidence to a representative of Capita the external provider delivering this year's survey. 

For each survey completed, £1 is being donated to one of three University of Glasgow charities.

Both the Principal and the University's trades unions have renewed their appeal for everyone working at the University to take part and make their opinion count.

The survey link was last week emailed to the vast majority of University staff. Each link and password is unique to the recipient and comes from Capita and not the UofG. Only a tiny proportion of staff with very limited hours of work will not be included.

In his message to staff, the Principal Professor Anton Muscatelli, said: "We will act upon what you have to say about the qualities of the University as a working environment. We are committed to nurturing and developing the people who work for the University and maximising the opportunity for everyone to contribute to attaining our shared aspirations. We want the University to be a place where people share the values of being passionate, professional and progressive."

The Principal's message has been echoed by the University's trades unions.

The 2016 staff survey is 'live' for four weeks and is expected to close in the first week of June.

First published: 10 May 2016

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